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    MAV 2 Piece

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship/sell worldwide?

Yes. As far as it is legal in Germany and the EU to sell and/or ship the specific product to your country we will be happy to do business with you. We do reserve the right to neglect business with any customer from outside of Germany. We do also reserve the right to validate the legality to sell and/or ship certain products to your country by the police/ LE/ other agencies.

Q: Do you offer military discount?

Yes. Not only soldiers but all members of governmental units (e.g. Firefighter, rescue etc) will be rewarded with a 5% discount off any order. Either send us a copy of your military-ID or provide a shipping address within a governmental building. After we verified your information we will connect you customer-ID with this dicount and you will automatically see the reduced prices on our website. As soon as we have verified your information we will erase the copy of your military-ID.

Q: Do you offer discounts on group orders?

Discounts are possible (on priciple) but have to fulfill a few requirement. Please contact us via Email for further information

Q: What about my old customerdata/ address etc.?

Please register with the email you used when you ordered from our catalog or via email. As we never had an onlieshop before we do not have any data from you on highperformancegear. By using you "old" email-address, we can connect you data with you order history. We will compare the new customer list with our data on a regular base and will add information manually.

Q: what´s in-stock?

Each product or combination has its on in-stock-display. If it shows "not in stock" you won´t be able to order it. If you provide a valid emailadress we can inform you as soon as it is restocked.

Q: I am looking for another color/ size.

Please contact us if you cannot find the specific item in our store. As we receive products from our partner on a regular basis we can order this specific item for you (if the company has it in stock)

Q: I am looking for another product of one of your partners.

Please contact us if you cannot find the product in our store. As we receive products from our partner on a regular basis we can order this product for you (if the company has it in stock)

Q: I want to buy for my unit/ agency.

If you are an official buyer for your unit, please visit Seul Military Consulting. you will find more information about our procurement services and we will consult you.

Q: Do you have a public store where I can buy your products?

No. Neither our Office- nor the warehousecrew has time and space for that. We are regularly checking the need for a public store and will decide on that later this year.

Q: What about the catalog?

The catalog as you know it won´t be continued as our 2 homepages will provide all the information you found in there. In the near future we will provide our customers with a new informationtool which succeed the catalog.

We still print our catalog for units, law enforcement and government agancies and also our datasheet with information on specific product. If you are in charge of procurement or the head of the unit/ agency, please contact us from our main-website Seul Military Consulting for more information how to receive a copy.

Q: Your catalog was much bigger, where is all the rest?

we started just with the material we have up for sale. As soon as we get more material an items restock, you will find them in the "new items" section

Q: Are there any items I cannot buy/ see?

Yes.either you logged in from a country with restriction (such as some manufacturers or ballistic material) We also sell items which are restricted to certain customers groups. Patches we designed for certain units might be hidden to the general public. Some manufacturers sell some of their products just to certain customers/ customer groups

Q: I am from a certain customer group how can I buy these products?

just send us a message of registration. Along with your customer number and the respective unit. We will recheck you data and send you an email when you are cleared.

Q: I want to buy product "X" which have been bought by unit "Y"

Please understand that we do not compromise any data about our customers (both Tier-1, any other unit or joe plumber). We won´t also compromise if any unit or anybody bought from us, what they bought or what they are interested in. We won´t also comment on questions if a certain unit did buy a certain product from us.

Q: What about custom products?

custom products are possible (on priciple) but have to fulfill a few requirement. Please contact us via Email for further information

Q: Do you offer any bonuscard or discountcard?

No. We do offer discounts for certain customers "military discounts" but our prices are usually calculated very carefully. We do not double prices to offer a 50% discount card. We believe that customers nowadays compare pricing and availabilty online and realize that our prices are usually lower than our competitors´or a least on the same level. And we do "remember" our returning customers and these will bebefit from it.